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Adventure-thriller series with a fantasy-realism element

Book list:

I: Orphans and Oracles (Completed)
II: Illusions (Completed)
III: Confessions (Completed)
IV: The Phoenix Children (Completed)
V: Ignis (In Progress)
VII: Daedalus
VIII: The Future

Book I: Orphans and Oracles

Poor Karlos.

As a thirteen-year-old boy itís not easy finding out that you were adopted. Itís even tougher when you learn that your birth parents were murdered, and it becomes frankly impossible when your adoptive parents are also murdered a few hours later.

After that, discovering that youíve been spied on your entire life by an international organisation, getting attacked by werewolves and shapeshifters, learning that you have a blind manipulative twin brother and a connection to a carefree girl with all the survival instincts of a lemming, finding out that the three of you have special powers and that this is why people want to see you deadÖ well, thereís a limit to how shocked you can continue to be.

With the bodies continuing to pile up, though, itís definitely tricky to stop being worried. Still, at least Karlos can rely on the mysterious Oracle and his predictions about the future.

After all, there must be somebody who hasnít lied to him, right?